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2021年2月28日 World News 2/28, Market Rotation, 1.9 Trillion Bill will not pass Senate, SEC ruling

Hey everyone, Dan Takahashi. I want to give you guys a quick update on global news that's happened over the last 24 hours. My name is Dan I'm a former wall street guy former hedge fund guy. Please see the below description areas to who I am. Would appreciate if you guys subscribe to my channel as well as press the thumbs up button above. Would appreciate very much your support everyone.

Today currently is 11:23 a.m February the 28th 2021 Japan time meaning that it is in the US time zone still the 27th at 9:23 p.m as usual guys.

Today is a Sunday so uh markets are not open. But I want to give you guys a quick overview on what happened during the markets uh during the last month. You know you know, Usually on Sundays, what I'd like to do is look at the markets on a one month time period and say okay.

What has happened just on a medium to long term basis. Then I'll go over some economic news of what's going to be announced this week as well as political news as well as other business news and then at the very end I'll give you my opinion as usual on today's news.
【フレーズ】at the very end

All right so let's get started here.

So let's look at the markets here overall.


so overall looking at the markets based

on a one month performance we can see

that the u.s market the dow jones has

been up 2.38

s p 500 has been up 0.99 percent and

nasdaq uh tech has been down 1.57

uh tsx canada has been up 2.08 percent

uh over the last one month we see euro

stocks 50 has been up 2.99 percent

the footsie 100 uk has been up 0.26


dax germany has been up one point two

one percent cac france up four point

four two percent and ibex spain up five

point four

seven percent uh looking into asia we

see nikki two to five

has been up three point one one percent

uh topics uh

has been up one point eight nine percent

hang sang hong kong has been up 0.3


csi china has been down 1.49 that's a

bit of a surprise

asx australia has been up 0.15 and msci

asia emerging markets have been down

0.53 so

overall i think markets are continuing


uh on a medium-term basis here uh over

the last one month

flow money out of tech stocks as we can

see here the nasdaq is actually

down and then money into uh

down related names so these are more

traditional related names so we've seen

a lot of money pour

in lately into uh industrial names

commodity names machinery names

even airline names etc like that so

there is a medium-term shift going on

and we should not forget the shift uh

even amid the

recent volatility in the markets so now

let's move on to economic news that

has come out today so looking at

economic news uh i'm sorry that has come

out today but let's also look at

economic news that's going to be

announced this week

uh we can see that in uh the us

will have uh you know after the house

has already passed this 1.9 trillion


bill now we're gonna see if the senate

will be able to pass this i doubt that

they'll be able to pass it this week but

nonetheless there'll be eyes focused on

there in the us we're gonna have the

jobs report due on friday the biggs jobs

report this will be

an update on the u.s economy for the

month of february

what is the unemployment rate what is

the new wages rate et cetera et cetera

otherwise we'll see gdp data for

australia brazil canada turkey as well

as worldwide manufacturing and services


and monetary action monetary policy

action from the reserve bank of


um otherwise i didn't see anything too

much new here

okay we did see the uspce i did come out

about a day and a half ago

personal spending in the u.s we talked

about this yesterday jumped 2.4 percent

um and i think that's really it for now

so keep an eye out this week the biggest

piece of data will be the u.s jobs

report on friday

that will move the markets a lot so

let's see if that is going to calm down

the markets or not this week

now let's move on to uh coronavirus

daily new updates

uh daily new cases today announced for

coronavirus we see here announced for

this is february the

uh 26 i believe 433

6331 looking at daily new cases today

announced for february the

uh 27th oh sorry guys february the 27th

should be out here

february the 27th for daily new cases uh

apologizes 387

697. uh that's a lot lower than expected

and then february 27th daily new deaths

also is 848. so

both these numbers have come down a lot

this is the 27th meaning that this is

numbers taken account usually on the

26th on friday so i think this is real

we can believe this and these are this

is it's a pretty big

decline that's going back down towards

the 300 000 range daily new cases

worldwide so

i continue to believe that this is a

good sign overall

uh for the coronavirus situation

otherwise we're seeing here uh sort of

some controversy right now going on

uh regarding warren buffett uh and his

uh annual

uh shareholder statement that he made uh

we're seeing that uh some

headlines are saying said that buffett's

tone-deaf annual letter skirts major


he's been less willing to make political

statements his silence on the pandemic

racial inequality disappointed some

he put his 15th annual page shareholder


but he didn't really talk about a lot of

these uh big issues

and instead just kind of talked one of

his few furniture companies had to close

for a time because of the virus

but even though that he didn't really

touch on a lot of these topics and i


that is disappointing a little bit of

the shareholders

otherwise we're seeing that the uh sec

is suspending trading in

15 stocks that got hyped during the

social media situation a regular sit

is actively monitoring the online

message boards such as reddit etc

uh so we're seeing that 15 stocks here

uh such as penny stocks

um some other small stocks that i got

you know including gamestop as well

uh they're highly monitored right now by

the sec to see if there is any market


um and then finally we're seeing here

because uh

the house of representatives the

democrats have passed this new bill

uh of the 1.9 trillion economic stimulus

package there's a lot of focus right now

on whether this is now going to get

passed in the senate

and to do that uh yellen janet yellen is

now the new uh treasury secretary she is


uh i was sort of you know pressuring the

senate to act

fast sort of boost this economy uh

asking to say that this is time to act

et cetera et cetera

so we'll see if this happens i doubt

it's going to happen so quickly i

probably think it's going to take some


uh so i know formally this uh johnson

johnson cova vaccine has gotten fda

approval for the single

shot jab so now we have three vaccines

that are going on in the u.s

this is completely expected but now

overall it's good that we have three

different vaccines

uh you know other besides that i didn't

see that much

news here political wise uh just more

and more sort of scandal stuff

you know people looking forward to

trump's uh speech for the uh

cpac uh fighting matter elijah recorded

we're seeing here that right now former

president trump is fighting mad at house

minority leader kevin mccarthy

over his support of uh representative

liz cheney's number three leadership

spot in the house gop

according to a report uh so again

there's just some more stuff going on

uh you know what we're going to see here

it seems that mccarthy could be in for a

public review and top speak as a

conservative political aspect on

sunday uh so it seems that

trump's praise trump's in his cpi says i

was forgotten mad and woman they're

losing the voice of no one else so it

seems that you know there's more and

more i guess

uh riffraff going on between inside the

gop right now as to who is going to take


uh top few positions i think the gop is

in a little bit of a disarray at the


and they're trying to sort of find their

way back together right now in

preparation for the noon midterm


in about one year and a half from now so

guys uh that's overall the biggest news

of the day my opinion

is that the us jobs report will be in

big focus

this week so let's see how that comes

out that's going to say a lot about

whether these

continuing rising bond yields it's going

to continue or not uh we'll see if this

jobs report comes in

really good then my expectation is the

bond yields are going to continue to

rise but if it just comes in normal

then the bond yields will probably start

to go down because uh

it's just a little bit it's it's it's

overdone right now i think this bond

yields is overdone i think it's going to

start coming back in a little bit

and the market is just really hyped up

and expecting

the economy to recover very quickly

which i don't think is going to happen

yet but we'll see how the jobs report is

going to be

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